What Your Personality Says About Your Workout

The other day, being bored at work, I decided to look for the Myers Briggs personality test. I had heard of the test before, and knew that it was pretty accurate, so I thought I could see what type I identified the best with. I found an easy yes/no question test at one website and went through the questions. Turns out, I am an ENFJ- Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. For those of you who don’t know what the Myers-Briggs is, you are either Extroverted (like being around people) or Introverted (prefer being alone), Intuitive (use your intuition) or Sensing (use your five senses), Feeling (base decisions on your feelings) or Thinking (base decisions on logic) and Judging (prefer routines and adherence to the rules) or Perceiving (are more flexible about that). This test will give you information about your personality and preferences, and it definitely is pretty accurate. What does all this have to do with fitness?

Well, I decided to look for a personality quiz for your fitness routine (I really like personality quizzes haha). And I came across a website that detailed what your personality quiz results (your Myers-Briggs typeology) say about your workout preferences or routines. The author, Suzanne Brue, detailed these explanations in her 8 Colors of Fitness book, and assigns each personality a color (2 personalities per color) which tells you your workout preferences and strengths. It’s pretty interesting, so read on…

Blue (ISTJ, ISFJ): Blues are straightforward and conscientious when it comes to fitness and safety. They tend to stick to the same routines and machines. They’re also introverts, and will perpetuate this by reading books or magazines while on the treadmill or elliptical machine, making sure that others do not infringe on their workout time. Blues prefer rhythmic, repetitive machines that allow them to track their progress easily. Rowing, walking, running, yoga and weight training all appeal to Blue people.

Gold (ESTJ, ESFJ): Golds are also traditional and conservative, but more outgoing. They look to professionals such as trainers and doctors to help them build their fitness routines and nutritional plans. They also are perfectionists, asking gym personnel to help them perfect their form so that they’re ‘doing it right.’ Group classes satisfy their desire for authority and positive reinforcement, as does working with a personal trainer. Golds also enjoy hiking, swimming and tennis because these activities have clear, specific goals and role models.

Green (ISTP, ISFP): Greens don’t like going to the gym. They prefer to be outside in nature, getting their exercise the natural way. They usually prefer working out alone, attuning themselves with nature or working towards a goal they’ve set for themselves. Greens will most likely be biking, running, hiking, mountain climbing, although they may add some strength training in when preparing for a long run or climb.

Red (ESTP, ESFP): Reds have a ton of energy and a competitive spirit. They want to be where the action is. Reds are like Greens in that they see the gym as a means to an end, rather than the destination itself. Treadmills and elliptical machines are just too boring for these guys and gals. Unless they’re into power-lifting, Reds would much rather be outside playing a team sport or a pickup game, such as flag football or beach volleyball with their friends.

White (INTJ, INFJ): Whites use the rhythm of exercise to help them get more in touch with themselves. They prefer tried and true routines and their own space to leave their minds free. You’ll typically find Whites at the gym during off peak hours, listening to their headphones on the treadmill or elliptical machine. Whites avoid group classes, as they resent outside interference in their workouts. They prefer hiking, running, yoga (alone) and cardio and strength training at the gym.

Saffron (INTP, INSP): Brue writes that she chose the color saffron to represent this workout personality because it commands attention in a warm, comfortable way that is also subtle. Saffrons are lively but not extravagant. They struggle to motivate themselves if they aren’t in the mood. Yet they also seek challenges and don’t let their desire for fun get in the way of a workout. Saffrons best bet is to mix up their workout routines and choose ‘out-of-the-box’ classes. Dancing, group classes such as spin class or Zumba, all appeal to these types. If they do work out on machines, they will always have a great mix of funky beats to keep them motivated.

Silver (ENTP, ENFP): Silvers get energy from people, music and a fun atmosphere. According to Brue, they have more focus than saffrons, which makes them ideal as group fitness instructors. They have a flowing workout style. Any rhythmic activity that tunes out distractions is ideal for Silvers, such as yoga, tai chi, Zumba, spin class.

Purple (ENTJ, ENFJ): Though extroverted people, Purples tend to stick to the same workout buddies. Adding in differences may defer them from their goals and routines. Purples choose uncomplicated regimens that are also repetitive: running, lap swimming, cycling, interval training and walking all appeal to them. Purples need to be pushed to mix it up a bit, as they find much comfort in routines and may get stuck in a workout rut. They also run the risk of developing stress fractures, tendonitis and other repetitive stress injuries.

If you’re interested in reading more about your fitness color or finding out more about any of the colors, check out Brue’s website http://www.the8colorsoffitness.com for more information!


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